I’d like to work with British Speedgolf to offer Speedgolf at our club or help develop the sport

We are currently looking for more courses to host British Speedgolf, so if you manage a golf course and want out to find more about holding Speedgolf sessions, please email contact@britishspeedgolf.co.uk or find us on LinkedIn

Equally we are looking to attract a small number of passionate Speedgolf individuals who may consider helping us grow and develop the sport as a British Speedgolf Ambassadors, please get in touch if this sounds like YOU!

Help British Speedgolf grow

We are looking for sponsorship partners to support our events and growth of the sport, so if your company is looking for an exciting grass roots sport opportunity, lets explore how we can both work together enhancing  your brand and vision.

Can I play Speedgolf at my local Golf Course or Club?

British Speedgolf is a new and emerging sport, so at present Speedgolf is not widely known in the UK. Due to the fast nature of the game, golf courses cannot mix regular golfers with Speedgolfers since the latter requires a clear course ahead.

British Speedgolf are looking to encourage more golf courses to offer 1st tee out early bird slots for Speedgolfers or offer dedicated sessions in off-peak times such as twilight tee times on less busy days. Golf courses are more likely to do this if there are a group of Speedgolfers in your area, but if not, we are always happy to explore this with your club to see how they may accommodate you.

To help us build a community of Speedgolfers near you, please click the button to register your interest in the sport or contact us via the form below.

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