2018 British Open Speedgolf Championships

Piltdown Golf Club

2018 British Open Speedgolf Championships


Congratulations to our 2018 Champions!

Chris Benians defended his title in the Men’s Top Flight Class and shot 80 in 43:41 Speedgolf Score 123:21

Liz McKinnon is our new Ladies Champion, she shot an outstanding 76 in 50:41 Speedgolf Score 126:41

Micka Randriana won the Amateur category with a Speedgolf Score of 135:41 and Newcomer Steve Watson took the Novice Trophy with a Speedgolf Score of 132:22 Wow!

Thanks to the splendid Piltdown Golf Club, Voted 43rd best course in England by National Club Golfer Magazine, for hosting this event for two years in succession.

Inaugural 2018 British Speedgolf Pairs Championship

George Boxall and Tom Roberts win Inaugural British Speedgolf Pairs Championship!

In very warm, humid conditions George and Tom completed their 18 holes in just over 41 minutes! Their Speedgolf score was 122:06. Not far behind was Chris and Jamie who took the best golf stroke score of the day shooting 79 in just shy of 48 minutes. The fast course played havoc with the short game but all who competed should feel very proud of their achievements.

Runners up were Chris Benians and Jamie Fowler 

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Chris Benians 2018 Speedgolf Score

James McMaster 2018 Speedgolf Score

George Boxall 2018 Speedgolf Score

Liz Mckinnon 2018 Speedgolf Score



Great Performances from all categories:  Top Flight, Women’s, Amateur and Novice Leaderboard