2018 British Open Speedgolf Championships

Piltdown Golf Club

2018 British Open Speedgolf Championships

Congratulations to our 2018 Champions!

Chris Benians defended his title in the Men’s Top Flight Class and shot 80 in 43:41 Speedgolf Score 123:21

Liz McKinnon is our new Ladies Champion, she shot an outstanding 76 in 50:41 Speedgolf Score 126:41

Micka Randriana won the Amateur category with a Speedgolf Score of 135:41 and Newcomer Steve Watson took the Novice Trophy with a Speedgolf Score of 132:22 Wow!

Thanks to the splendid Piltdown Golf Club, Voted 43rd best course in England by National Club Golfer Magazine, for hosting this event for two years in succession. More results, photos and action will be published soon but meantime check out this News report from Euronews

British Speedgolf Rocks!

Get Inspired for this years’ Championship event, turn up the volume and check out this photo montage from the 2017 Championship.

Chris Benians wins the 2017 British Open Speedgolf Championship!

Chris Benians wins the 2017 British Open Speedgolf Championship by the smallest margin imaginable! Chris won with a Speedgolf Score of 116:13. Runner up was George Boxall who was tantalizingly close with a Speedgolf Score of 116:17, the closest margin in any Speedgolf tournament! Congratulations to our new Ladies Champion, Lizzie Taylor.

The Novice winner was Simon Wooderson.  All completed 18 holes.

New for 2017 was the 10 hole Team Pairs event won by Piltdown Pioneers!

Magnificent performances from all those at the Top of the Leaderboard 2017 British Open Leaderboard check out their scores. We still can’t quite believe how tight it was for both the Men’s TOP FLIGHT and the WOMEN’s Event!

Congratulations to all those who competed, a magnificent effort on a stunning course. – Well done!

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Chris Benians 2017 Speedgolf Score

George Boxall 2017 Speedgolf Score

Lizzie Taylor 2017 Speedgolf Score