The New British Speedgolf season was welcomed in on a beautiful May evening in the Midlands at Drayton Park Golf Course who offered beginners to the sport a chance to play 9 holes at a much FASTER pace. British Speedgolf’s heritage is Sussex based, so it was great to receive such a warm welcome from members at the club for this fun foray into a more athletic version of the great game.

This fine golf course was in tremendous condition with the added beauty of trees in blossom. Speedgolf is all about PACE, moving at a faster but more comfortable speed, but ensuring your pace is set for the whole round; it is very tempting for beginners to set off too fast and then find their initial pace is hard to sustain.

There were a range of ages and it was great to welcome two new women to Speedgolf. There was also a range of golf and running ability among participants, all of whom finished their 9 holes within 46 minutes!

In Speedgolf, your golf stroke score is combined with the time taken to complete the course, so top honours went to James Bailey who shot 40 in 27 minutes and 6 seconds; giving him a Speedgolf Score of 67:06. For a first Speedgolf round this was an amazing performance; young James even ran a second 9 holes in support of club Pro Jon Watts.

Jill Pittard put in a fantastic performance, her fast pace gave her the 3rd fastest finish (27 minutes 3 seconds) and combined with strokes gave her an impressive Speedgolf Score of 70:37

Many people ask us what it feels like to play Speedgolf for the first time. It is great fun and many find the challenge exhilarating and rewarding, we loved this reaction from Terence Steinberg on his final putt!


It’s Time to Pick up the Pace and Get involved, check out the British Speedgolf Open Championship and other events #GetIntoSPEEDGOLF