British Speedgolf are one of five

founding members of the

International Speedgolf Alliance.

In 2019 Speedgolf Finland were invited to join and others will follow in 2020



Speedgolf World Championships 2020



The ISGA is honored and thrilled to announce Japan Speedgolf Association (JSGA) will host the 2020 ISGA Speedgolf World Championships. The World Championships are hosted every 2 years and it is fitting that Japan hosts the 2020 event in a year that  Tokyo plays host to the 2020 Olympics! 


Venue: Sunny Country Club



Dates: November 20-22, 2020

Day 1 – Friday: Practice, ISGA Opening Ceremony & Dinner Banquet

Day 2 – Saturday: First Round

Day 3 – Sunday: Final Round


Location: 3491 Kyowa, Saku, Nagano, Japan



More details and qualification criteria will be posted in due course.


In the meantime check out this teaser and get inspired!

The Current World Speedgolf Champion is

Mikko Rantanen from Finland


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