Speedgolf is a fun, fast, and fitness-oriented alternative to traditional golf.

It’s about one sport that unites two of the largest athletic communities in the world, Golf and Running! Speedgolf also satisfies a myriad of today’s modern challenges to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Speedgolf is proven to enhance a player’s mental, physical, and creative capabilities on the golf course. Playing Speedgolf inherently leads to more fun, increased fitness, greater imagination, and ultimately, improved performance. In short, Speedgolf is nothing short of an exhilarating athletic experience, it’s no wonder golfers of all ages, skill levels, and fitness profiles are learning to play and enjoy Speedgolf at their own pace!

Speedgolf Score

Speedgolf is a faster, more athletic version of golf, where you can play a full 18 holes in under 80 minutes, or 9 holes in under 40 minutes by jogging between shots. The challenge is balancing your running pace with your ability to quickly and accurately play your shots to get the lowest score possible. You don’t have to RUN! The aim is to achieve the lowest possible sum of shots combined with the time taken to play your round. This combined total gives you a Speedgolf Score. Shooting a round of 90 in a time of 70 minutes and 21 seconds would give you a Speedgolf score of 160:21. Speedgolf is still emerging in the UK, but territories across the globe are evolving as interest in the sport gains momentum. British Speedgolf, along with other International Speedgolf communities, operates the same principal rules,  making it a fast but fun sport.


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British Speedgolf History


The Inaugural  British Speedgolf Championships were held at Boars Head Golf Centre in 2014. The 2015 & 2016 Championships were hosted at Dale Hill Hotel & Golf Club where , Rob Hogan, former World Speedgolf Champion, took the British Title.  In 2016 he shot 82  in a blistering time of 36 minutes and 59seconds giving him a speedgolf score of 118:59 . The competition was intense with Chris Benians just 1 point adrift with a score of 119:17 and George Boxall at 120:03. In 2017, the British Open Speedgolf Championship moved to Piltdown Golf Club where Chris Benians took the Elite Division title in 2017 & 2018.

New for 2018 was the first global dedicated Speedgolf Pairs Championship held at West Kent Golf Club, where George Boxall and Tom Roberts became our first Speedgolf Pairs champions. 

 Speedgolf is not all about Championships and records, it is about having FUN and this is core to our ethos. Whether you just want a faster, more athletic round, want to get fit or compete at the highest level #GetInspired #Fitingolf

5 Reasons to play Speedgolf:


  1. Love golf but can’t find the time to play 
  2. Enjoy running but want an added dimension or challenge
  3. Have fun, whilst also improving my health and fitness
  4. Enjoy a new sport in beautiful landscaped surroundings
  5. Be part of something different and exciting in UK Sport

British Speedgolf - It’s About Time

Time for the sport you love, yet time for your family and work commitments