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Increasingly golfers and runners have heard of Speedgolf, but far less have yet to play or even seen this faster, more athletic golf format in action. So here is your chance to explore the sport and hear from the players direct.



Get Inspired and browse through the collection of video from here in the UK and around the world, if you spot something on the web you think we should feature, be sure to get in contact. Drop by again soon, we’ll be adding new video as well as some gems from the past, therefore changing what is featured. Get Inspired and explore a new sport in 2021!

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2019 New Zealand Speedgolf Championships

Listen to what the 2019 New Zealand Speedgolf Champions have to say about Speedgolf

Report on the 2018 British Open Speedgolf Championships

Golf Monthly report from the 2018 British Speedgolf Open Championships

Why not find out more about British Speedgolf and the basics of the sport and frequently asked questions